Front Porch Musing


We are starting a new series called Front Porch Musing. It will be about pondering, thoughts, testimony, and probably everything in-between.

I thought I would give a little background on why our front porch is such an amazing spot. We are nestled into the mountains of Northern Utah on a dead-end mountain road and our house is set back on a small hill that overlooks a handful of homes and fields. Across the small valley are beautiful mountain peaks. Our front porch faces south and we get the sunshine spring, summer, fall, and winter. We leave our outside furniture up all year so we can sit and enjoy the sun even in the dead of the cold winter.

When we moved to this home we were looking for peace for our family, to get back to a small town, and to have our own small piece of land. Our front porch became that peace and sanctuary we were looking for.

Our front porch became a place where we invite God, Jesus, and the Holy ghost to be with us. This is where time and time again we have found that peace. It is the place where we dream, talk about daily life, what the week will bring, and our goals. It’s where my husband and I talk about problems with our children and our marriage and how we can become better. I feel like anytime I need an answer or just to feel peace I run to my front porch.

I have had people come and visit and they too can feel something different about our front porch. I had a friend come over not so long ago and she sat there and said I have just come from yelling at my kids and not being a great mom. As she sat, she told me that she instantly felt calm and peace. She even texted me a few weeks later and still couldn’t get over how the front porch had made her feel.

I believe we all can have a front porch even if its a closet, a bedroom, or a back porch. We just need to ask God and create it. In this crazy last days before Christ returns we know it’s going to get worse and we need places of refuge. I invite you to create your own place of peace and follow us along our journey of us sharing our Front Porch Musings.


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  1. Love your porch and the Spirit and peace that is there. The beauty surrounding your home definitely adds to the peace felt there.

  2. Love your front porch 🥰☀️ I have my own peaceful place on my back porch ☀️🥰. I watch the sun rise and in its warmth I feel
    Gods love for me .☀️❤️

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